What we believe drives how we care.

As a company built on the belief that children should be able to receive care at home, where they can be surrounded by family and in their community, each member of this passionate team is guided by the principles that are ingrained into every decision and action made at The Care Group.

In 2019 we began our partnership with Pediatric Home Service, to bring the very best care through comprehensive services to the medically complex community in Houston and Dallas. We are looking forward to an exciting future where we can offer additional services to support the needs of our community and ensure all children have the ability to grow up in their homes. 

Our Mission

We make a difference in the life of every family we serve by taking care of the child, so that children with medical complexities can achieve their best lives at home and in their communities.

Please contact us online, or call us at 713-383-2100 we’ll answer your questions.